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Manufacturing of Controlled Substance

Manufacturing of Controlled Substance is a Class B Felony in Alabama, and can result in serious penalties, including jail time and large fines. Furthermore, in Alabama, mere possession of "precursor substances" can result in criminal liability. If you or a loved one has been investigated, arrested, or charged with the offense of Manufacturing of Controlled Substance it is imperative you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Call (251) 301-0362 to schedule an appointment today. Your freedom may depend on it. 

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Attorney David M. Allen was born on a U.S. Navy base in Okinawa, Japan, the son of a Navy Veteran. He later attended public schools in Baldwin County, Alabama and graduated from Spring Hill College in Mobile. He has worked on high profile Criminal De…

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“Extremely professional and personable. Listened to every detail of my case and took the time to review and thoughtfully assess my situation. Moved quickly and effectively in helping resolve my case and I would highly recommend working with him! ”
– Shannon L.

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