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The criminal charge of assault ranges from misdemeanor, to high-level felony depending on which degree is charged. Generally speaking, a person commits the crime of assault if, with the intent to cause physical injury to another person, he causes physical injury to any person. Assault is then divided into three degrees.

Assault in the Third Degree (Alabama Code 13A-6-22) is a Class A Misdemeanor and is frequently charged when relatively minor injuries occur. Again, the prosecution must prove that the Defendant intended to cause injury, or recklessly caused injury, with caused injury with criminal negligence.

Assault in the Second Degree (Alabama Code 13A-6-21) is a Class C felony, and therefore, more serious than Assault 3rd. Assault in the Second Degree requires intent to cause "serious physical injury" and the resulting "serious physical injury."

Assault in the First Degree (Alabama Code 13A-6-20) is a Class B Felony, and any conviction will result in a lengthly prison term and heavy fines. A person commits the crime of assault in the first degree if, with the intent to cause serious physical injury to another person, he or she causes serious physical injury to any person by means of delay weapon or dangerous instrument.

Any Assault charge, no matter the degree, can result in jail or prison time and serious fines. If you or a loved one has been investigated, arrested, or indicted for the charge of Assault, CALL (251) 301-0362 today. Your freedom may depend on it.

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