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Alabama Property Crimes

Property crimes range from simple shoplifting to armed robbery and anywhere in between. If you or a loved one has been arrested for any of the following property-related crimes in Mobile, Bay Minette, or any other city in Alabama, CALL (251) 301-0362 today to speak with an experienced Mobile criminal defense attorney. Your freedom may depend on it.

Theft of Property

Theft of Property (Alabama Code 13A-8-2) Occurs when: A person knowingly obtains unauthorized control over the property of another, with intent to deprive the owner of his or her property. Knowingly obtains by deception control over the property of a… Read More

Theft of Lost Property

Theft of lost property (Alabama Code 13A-8-6) occurs when: A person actively obtains control over the property of another which he knows to have been lost or mislaid. To have been delivered under a mistake as to the identity of the recipient or as to… Read More

Theft of Services

Theft of services (Alabama Code 13A-8-10) occurs when: A person intentionally obtains services known by him to be available only for compensation by deception, threat, false token or other means to avoid payment for the services Having control over t… Read More

Theft of Trademarks

A person commits the crime of “theft of trade secrets or trademarks” (Alabama Code 13A-8-10.4) if, without the owner’s effective consent, he knowingly: Steals a trade secret Makes a copy of an article representing a trade secret Com… Read More

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft (Alabama Code 13A-8-18.6) is committed when a person knowingly obtains unauthorized control over either of the following: A vehicle engaged in commercial transportation of cargo or an appurtenance thereto, including: A trailer Semitrailer… Read More

Breaking & Entering


Extortion (Alabama Code 13A-8-13) is committed when a person knowingly obtains by threat control over the property of another, with intent to deprive him of the property. Extortion in the first degree (Alabama Code 13A-8-14): Extortion by means of a… Read More

Receiving Stolen Property

Receiving stolen property (Alabama Code 13A-8-16) is committed when: An individual intentionally receives, retains or disposes of stolen property knowing that it has been stolen or having reasonable grounds to believe it has been stolen, unless the p… Read More


Robbery in the first degree (Alabama Code 13A-8-41) is committed when: a person violates Section 13A-8-43 (see below under category robbery in the third degree) individual is armed with a deadly or dangerous instrument serious physical injury is caus… Read More

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